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Nursing care facilities, hospitals, and retirement communities all over the country are frequently in need of CNAs, to cover everything from staffing shortages to unexpected call outs.

Above All Medics provides trained and certified CNAs who have the experience to step in and help immediately in any healthcare environment. Our CNAs are known for their communication, teamwork, professionalism, and empathy.

At Above All Medics, our goal is to deliver experienced CNAs who can help your facility deliver top-quality care.

CNA Services

Nursing Homes

We value the trust that families put into nursing homes. Therefore our commitment to working with nursing homes is at its highest. We are here to help…

Retirement Communities

Working with retirement communities has always been a pleasure. We make sure our staff knows how important it is to get it right the first time.

Government Agencies

Veterans Have worked most of their lives serving our country. It is time to give them the highest quality care possible.


In these trying times, our hospitals are overwhelmed with patients. It is here that we work together to help our community with the best care possible.

Home Healthcare

Home healthcare is one of the most important services that we provide. Making Sure our clients are served with the best quality care is our highest priority.

Reasons to Use

Above All Medics


Workers Compensation Insurance

We provide workers compensation insurance for all our CNAs.

Money Saved

Finding a new employee is an expensive proposition. Let us handle it for you!

Less Hassle

No need to worry about payroll taxes.

Above All Medics has a Broad Network

We have a pipeline of qualified CNAs ready to take on the shifts you need to cover.

Time Efficiency

We review hundreds of resumes and conduct certification checks to find qualified candidates.

Weekly Invoices

With full details of all costs.

More Flexibility

Clients are able to adjust their workforce and cover staffing shortages as needed. Above All Medics provides reliable workers who perform the full range of duties expected of a CNA. Our CNAs often become trusted, permanent employees!

What We Do

Transporting Patients

CNAs are trained to safely and respectfully transport patients from place to place.

Feeding Patients

Some patients require assistance with eating, and CNAs are trained to help.

Safety Procedures

CNAs are trained to handle all kinds of situations safely – including everything from a choking patient to an unconscious one.

Communication – Teamwork – Professionalism – Empathy

These are the principles we live and work by at Above All Medics!

Turning Patients

CNAs can prevent bedsores by turning the patient over in bed every two hours to keep their blood flowing properly.

Cleaning Rooms

Keeping the patient’s room clean and in good order. Includes changing bedsheets, sanitizing surfaces, and so on.

Stocking Supplies

CNAs are responsible for making sure that all essential supplies are stocked up and on hand.

Bathing Patients

Bathing patients – especially those with mobility issues – is one of a CNA’s most important tasks.

Checking Vital Signs

CNAs measure the patient’s core body temperature, pulse, respirations, blood pressure, and pain levels.

Answering Patient Calls

A CNA must respond promptly to any call lights, and address whatever the patient needs.

Grooming Patients

CNAs often assist patients with grooming activities such as shaving and brushing their hair.

Documenting Information

Documentation, also known as charting, is a vital duty for every CNA. Everything that happens on a CNA’s shift is documented.

Tending Wounds

Wound care certified CNAs are trained to provide basic care for wounded patients.

Leadership Team 

Hector Ortiz

Hector Ortiz


As owner of Above All Staffing, Hector Ortiz created Above All Medics to fill the vital role of connecting medical facilities with the healthcare workers they desperately need while building the careers and opportunities for medical workers, specifically certified nursing assistants.  He leverages his 15+ years of successfully providing staffing solutions in the skilled trade industries.

Dr. Monica Granovsky

Dr. Monica Granovsky

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Monica Granovsky moved to the Washington DC area to pursue her pediatric residency training at Children’s National Medical Center in 1992. She then completed a fellowship in pediatric hematology oncology at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Granovsky’s research interest focused on pediatric HIV disease and AIDS. After practicing medicine for several years in Northern Virginia, Dr. Granovsky transitioned to working in a volunteer role at the Culmore Clinic in Falls Church Virginia. Culmore Clinic is a nonprofit healthcare clinic providing healthcare to low income adults at little to no cost. At Culmore, Dr. Granovsky serves as a Spanish interpreter and is an active board member. In addition, because of Dr. Granovsky’s deep desire to help children with serious illnesses, she volunteers at the NIH at the Children’s Inn, helping families who participate in groundbreaking research.

As a physician, Dr. Granovsky knows how important excellent, dependable nurses and nursing assistants are to delivering quality, empathic care for all. 

Dr. Karen Bibbins, Ed.D., CTRS

Dr. Karen Bibbins, Ed.D., CTRS

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Karen Bibbins is a professional with over 20 years of experience in health care and higher education.

Dr. Bibbins brings her extensive experience in teaching recreational and rehabilitation therapies including curriculum design and delivery, program evaluation and outcomes assessments for a variety of health conditions affecting primarily adult and older adult populations. She has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses on a wide range of topics including research in health, recreation, and kinesiology; program planning in leisure services; children with disabilities; professional skills assessment and evaluation; continuous quality improvement methodology in health care; philosophy and theory of therapeutic recreation; foundations of adult education and training; and technology for the adult learner among many others. In addition, Dr. Bibbins has specialized knowledge in health information technology and survey research methodology and analysis.

Dr. Bibbins received her Doctor of Education from the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York. She completed her Master of Science degree in therapeutic recreation from the Pennsylvania State University in State College, PA. She also gained her Bachelor of Science degree in therapeutic recreation from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.

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